Home Shield 2 Days-Primer Nano Superior Resistance Primer 8010 (Water Base)


Product Detail

Water base
New-Evolution. Designed to be environmentally friendly.
Excellent properties. Apply a primer suitable for use on all types of concrete surfaces. Particularly surface lime putty recently completed a 2-day face paint over it. To shorten the construction period.
For new and old concrete surface. For interior and exterior use.
No thinner mixture
Safe for environment
Safe for human
Depply penetration because of nano molecules, it prevents alkali in fresh concrete migrate to top layer coating which prevents paint peeling off and blistering.
Anti Efflorescence to protect fading of paint.

Remark : The lower the humidity of a building to the ground. It is recommended to use a eX100 or eX101 about 1 meter high paint primer before painting nm.


Old Residents
New Residents
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